Our Holdings

Global market leaders with roots in Scandinavia
Schörling is both an owner and represented on the board of a handful of publicly listed companies. They all have their roots in Scandinavia and have grown into global market leaders. We have no geographical or industrial limitations. We invest in the companies and the people we believe in. But only when we see that our expertise and network can contribute to the company's continued development.

Professional business sense, strong engagement and good dialogue with key people in our companies is crucial. It means quick decision making and minimal bureaucracy. In our investments, we take responsibility as the main owner to be able to support our companies in the best of ways. We safeguard good development for all shareholders.
Continuously contributing
to company development
AAKAbsolent GroupAnticimexAssa AbloyGreenbridgeHexagonHexpolNibeSecuritas


Schörling board representatives:
Nils-Johan Andersson
Märta Schörling Andreen

Johan Westman
Year: 2022
Revenue (MSEK): 50 425
EBIT (MSEK): 2 538
Employees: 3 962
Schörling % of capital: 30,4 %
Schörling % of votes: 30,4 %
AAK produces value added vegetable oil solutions.

Absolent Group

Schörling board representatives:
Märta Schörling Andreen
Nils-Johan Andersson

Axel Berntsson
Year: 2022
Revenue (MSEK): 1 339
Employees: 457
Schörling % of capital: 55,5 %
Schörling % of votes: 55,5 %
Absolent Group manufactures filters that clean the air from oil and coolant mist, smoke, fume and dust.


Schörling board representatives:
Jarl Dahlfors (chairman)
Alf Göransson

Jussi Ylinen
Year: 2022
Revenue (MSEK): 13 367
EBIT (MSEK): 1 746
Employees: 10 210
Schörling % of capital: 22,5 %
Schörling % of votes: 22,5 %
Anticimex is a service company that operates in the field of preventive pest control.

Assa Abloy

Schörling board representatives:
Sofia Schörling Högberg


Nico Delvaux
Year: 2022
Revenue (MSEK): 120 793
EBIT (MSEK): 18 532
Employees: 52 463
Schörling % of capital: 3,1 %
Schörling % of votes: 10,9 %
ASSA ABLOY provides a comprehensive range of doors and door opening solutions.


Schörlings investment commitee representatives:
Nils-Johan Andersson
Year: 2022
Schörling % of capital: 19,1%
Schörling % of votes: 19,1%
Greenbridge is a privately-owned investment company focusing on long-term investments in the technology sector.


Schörling board representatives:
Märta Schörling Andreen
Sofia Schörling Högberg

Paolo Guglielmini
Year: 2022
Revenue (MEUR): 5 176
EBIT (MEUR): 1 518
Employees: 23 196
Schörling % of capital: 21,3 %
Schörling % of votes: 42,4 %
Hexagon supplies sensors, software and autonomous solutions helping customers to increase their productivity and quality in their applications.


Schörling board representatives:
Alf Göransson (chairman)
Nils-Johan Andersson
Märta Schörling Andreen

Acting CEO:
Peter Rosén
Year: 2022
Revenue (MSEK): 22 243
EBIT (MSEK): 3 260
Employees: 5 084
Schörling % of capital: 24,8 %
Schörling % of votes: 45,8 %
HEXPOL is a polymer provider producing plastic and rubber compounds to many different industries.


Schörling private


Gerteric Lindquist
Year: 2022
Revenue (MSEK): 40 071
EBIT (MSEK): 5 863
Employees: 21 300
Schörling % of capital: 7,4 %
Schörling % of votes: 18,7 %
Nibe Industrier AB provides environmentally-friendly, energy-efficient solutions for indoor climate comfort in all types of properties, plus components and solutions for intelligent heating and control in industry and infrastructure.


Schörling board representatives:
Sofia Schörling Högberg

Magnus Ahlqvist
Year: 2022
Revenue (MSEK): 133 237
EBIT (MSEK): 6 484
Employees: 358 000
Schörling % of capital: 5,0 %
Schörling % of votes: 11,33 %
Securitas protects homes, work sites and societies in more than 50 countries and is a leader within security solutions.
Birger Jarlsgatan 13
111 45 Stockholm